The Polski Związek Krótkofalowców (PZK) has the pleasure to invite all Radio Amateurs over IARU Region I to take part in the VHF/UHF/SHF SUDETY CONTEST that are held permanently each year on the first weekend of August.

This subregional contest is organized by VHF Club of PZK to stimulate activity in Summer on VHF-SHF bands.




1.       Eligible entrants:  all licensed radio amateurs in Region I.


2.       Contest Sections:

i)  Single operator (SO) - station operated by single operator with no assistance during the contest, using privately owned equipment and antennas and operating from any location.

ii)  All other entrants including club stations (MO)


No more than one transmitter may be in use at any one time.

A participating station must operate from the same location throughout the event.


3.     Date of contest: The contest will start on the first Saturday of August:

       04 - 05 August 2001 14.00 - 14.00 UTC


4.     Type of emission and contacts:  A1A, R3E, A3E, F3E, G2B (CW,  SSB, AM, FM, PSK31). Each station can be worked only once, whether it is fixed, portable or mobile. Any duplicate contacts should be logged without claim for points and clearly marked as duplicates. Contacts made via active repeaters do not count for points. Any telephony contact made with stations transmitting in the CW sub-band shall not count for points.


       Centre of PSK31 activity: 50,610 – 144,610 – 432,610 MHz


5.       Bands:       50 - 144 -  432 - 1296 - 2300 -  3400 - 5650 - 10 000 MHz


6.       Contest exchanges: RS or RST + contest number commencing with 001 for the first contact on each band, increasing by one for each successive contact on this band  + complete Locator of the sending station (examples: 59 003 JO70ST or 579 003 JO70ST).


7.       Scoring: point will be scored on the basis of one point per kilometer, i.e. the calculated distance in kms will be truncated to an value and 1 km will be added. The factor for conversion from degree to kilometers is 111.2.

       Bonus: for each new Locator Square (LOC) (4 characters) on the band: 1000 points.

       The total scores is a sum of points for kms + bonus for number of LOC.

        (Example: 22'345km + 8 x 1000 = 30'345 points). (VHF Managers Handbook IIIa & IIIk.a.1)


8.       Awards:

       i)       Certificates will be issued to the five top scores in the two sections on each band.

       ii)       For each section an overall winner will be declared on basis of the sum of the        points scored on each of the bands.


9.       Logsheet: Standard IARU logsheet shall be used separately on each band.

       A copy of the logs must be send to: Contest Manager PZK, Tomasz Wiza, SP7BCA, ul. Orkana 5/14, 96-100 SKIERNIEWICE, POLAND postmarked not later 28 August 2001. The submission of the logs implies that the entrant accepts the IARU Region I contest rules as in the VHF Managers` Handbook and in this rules.


10.       Disqualification:  Violation of the rules will be judged on basis of IARU Region I contest rules. The decisions of the Contest Committee are final and not contestable.


            VHF Manager of PZK                                           President of PZK

       Zdzisław Bieńkowski, SP6LB                                        Piotr Skrzypczak, SP2JIR