Hams with hearts

In cooperation with humanitarian fund Hams with Hearts

Like during our previous DX-peditions in cooperation with INDEXA Hams with Hearts we again are inviting radio amateurs world wide to participate in charity activity aiming at supporting local pupils in Kiribati and later in Nauru with first need aids.

You can see how similar donations were used on our previous DX-pedition websites:

Below pictures of our visit to local school on Tarawa atoll (T30L):

In case if due to logistics not all donated funds will be spent on goods for schools in Kiribati and Nauru, the reminding balance will be transferred to INDEXAs Humanitarian aid project fund

Donation to "Hams with hearts":

Rest of the world

Total amount accumulated: 255 USD + 10 €

150 USD are donated by INDEXA and 100 USD by T30L/C21WW team.

Thank you for all individual donations to Hams With Hearts program.

Supporters 5+ USD: N4EFS, 5P1KZX.

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