YL - Activity

Data loaded: 2019-01-22 17:55 UTC
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Reverse Beacon Network spots with prefix YL (CW and DIGI modes):
(source: last 200 spots from Reverse Beacon Network) combined by 1 kHz frequency slots)

2019-01-22 1755zYL2GP5353.0 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1741zYL3AJT3595.0 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1715zYL2AG3518.5 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1635zYL2GP5354.1 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1541zYL3CW3507.0 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1537zYL3CW7009.8 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1455zYL2AG10108.0 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1448zYL2BJ14010.8 kHzCW
2019-01-22 1439zYL2BJ14039.0 kHzCW

DX cluster spots (any mode) with prefix YL in last 24 hours:
(source: DX Summit)

2019-01-22 1429zYL2BJ14010.6 kHzSpotter: W4VQ
2019-01-22 1417zYL2BJ14247 kHzsign with K7ICESpotter: KL7JR-@
2019-01-22 1304zYL2BJ18077 kHzSpotter: KE1VT-@
2019-01-22 1302zYL2BJ18077.1 kHzSpotter: EA2DT
2019-01-22 1206zYL3CW7010 kHzCQSpotter: JG2KJU-@
2019-01-22 0832zYL2BJ14252 kHzTNX Vill 73Spotter: 9A6BMT-@
2019-01-22 0747zYL3CW14018.2 kHzTNX GL!Spotter: JH1DRF
2019-01-22 0046zYL2GB3665 kHzcqSpotter: RD3ZF-@
2019-01-21 2210zYL2GB3800 kHzCQ DX Val,heard on LPG,73Spotter: LU8DPM
2019-01-21 2041zYL2GB3797 kHzcq dxSpotter: ON2BS
2019-01-21 2032zYL3HA144116 kHzJN05DK<EME>KO26DW -23dBSpotter: F4EZJ
2019-01-21 1946zYL2GUV3747.5 kHzcq 80mSpotter: ON4CGB