YL - Activity

Data loaded: 2019-04-18 17:14 UTC
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Reverse Beacon Network spots with prefix YL (CW and DIGI modes):
(source: last 200 spots from Reverse Beacon Network) combined by 1 kHz frequency slots)

2019-04-18 1612zYL2TD10119.2 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1557zYL3CW10107.2 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1545zYL3CW14021.6 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1344zYL2LW18087.0 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1341zYL2LWPSEK18087.1 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1327zYL2GN14012.0 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1251zYL3CW14023.9 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1130zYL2GN14031.8 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1122zYL3JD7027.0 kHzCW
2019-04-18 1001zYL2AG10115.1 kHzCW
2019-04-18 0934zYL2AG10112.0 kHzCW

DX cluster spots (any mode) with prefix YL in last 24 hours:
(source: DX Summit)

2019-04-18 1343zYL2LW18087 kHzQSB but good in NC - CQ CQ CQSpotter: W4PID
2019-04-18 0907zYL2GM14074 kHzFT8 -06dB from KO37 1483HzSpotter: PE2AE
2019-04-18 0713zYL2AG10108.2 kHzSpotter: 9A1AA
2019-04-18 0707zYL2GM10137.8 kHzFT8Spotter: R3OZ-@
2019-04-18 0614zYL2GM10137.6 kHzSpotter: 9A3GNG
2019-04-18 0441zYL3BF7074 kHzTnx for FT8 qso, 73!Spotter: DG2JO-@
2019-04-18 0123zYL2GD144133 kHzEN61UW>KO37ML EME -27Spotter: KU8Y
2019-04-17 2118zYL3CW7011 kHztnx qsoSpotter: JA2BGH
2019-04-17 1910zYL2SM1821 kHzTNX 599/599 on my 5w ,73!Spotter: UA4NDX