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Latvian amateur radio station

Gunārs Auseklis, YL2GD

Postal address: Gunars Auseklis, PO Box 23, Aluksne, LV-4301, Latvia

Born: January 15, 1951
Certified radio electronics technician
Licensed since 1973
Ex-calls: UQ2GDQ (1973-1984), UQ2GD (1984-1990)
Callsign used in major contests: YL6W
Member of LRAL

Main hobby: improvement of antennas and equipment, contesting

5BDXCC, 5BWAZ, EU-DXD-1000, EUROPA-300 and more than 50 less prestigious diplomas.

HF equipment (SO2R):
TRX1: Elecraft K-3
TRX3: TS-950SD (backup RIG)

All home made accessories:
SO2R switching box, PC <-> TRX interfaces, band decoders, antenna switching relay matrix boxes and power amplifiers

PA1: 600W RF (GS-35B)
PA2: 900W RF (GS-35B X 2)

VHF equipment:
TRX1: TS-790E
TRX2: TS-570s + DB6NT transverters

Home made LNAs & power amplifiers:
50 MC GS-35B
144 MC - ATF54143 PA3BIY design, PA GU-74B
432 MC - ATF54143 PA3BIY design, PA GI-7B - YU1AW design
1296 MC - NE32586 G4DDK design, PA GI-7B - CT1DMK design



Antennas: (all home made by myself)

Tower 1
1,8 MC - Inv.Vee @ 25m
3,5 MC - 2 phased slope dipoles (switchable East-West)
7 MC - 2 el yagi @ 26m
14 MC 4 el yagi @ 29m


Tower 2
14 MC 4 el yagi @ 26m
21 MC 5 el wire yagi (4 wires support elements of 14 MC)
3,5 MC vertical loop, top @ 25m


Tower 3
21 MC 4 el yagi @ 19m
28 MC 4 el yagi @ 22m
50MC 9 el DK7ZB long yagi @ 16m
144 MC 2 X 10 el DK7ZB 3WL yagi
432 MC 2 X 17 el DK7ZB 6WL yagi
1296 MC 38 el loop yagi


Tower 4 (18m, self welded)
50 MC 7 el DK7ZB long yagi
144 MC 4 X 12 el-H DK7ZB 4WL yagi
144 MC 2 X 14 el-V DK7ZB 5WL yagi
432 MC 6 X 23 el DK7ZB 8WL yagi
1296 MC 1,75m dish with DL4MEA ring-feed

More photos with tower building process


40m -  4 square verticals with simple coax phasing system

160m - 39m tall vertical

More photos with antenna building process

23cm EME antenna

- My EME Story
- More photos with antenna building process

2m EME 4x16 el H-Pol YU7EF, 11m boom
2m EME 2x14 el V-Pol DK7ZB, 10m boom
70cm EME 8x23 el YU7EF, 6m boom

More photos with antenna building process

- Win-Test Ver-3.27.1 + MMTTY V-1.65D for HF & VHF contests
- Logger32 Ver-3.30.0 for everyday QSOs
- WSJT Ver-7.03 for VHF DX-ing

All QSOs after 01.01.2000 are uploaded to LoTW

There are 349 000 QSOs in the all times log (March 2016)

Last edited: 24-May-2017

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