The Diploma ''LATVIA''

The Diploma "Latvia" was established by the Latvian Radio Amateur League to promote worldwide radio amateur contacts with Latvian radio
amateurs, and to popularize Latvia.

To obtain the Diploma, the following QSO rules are established.

The stations contacted in Latvia must have the prefix YL.
To qualify

Contacts are permitted in any mode on all amateur radio bands, satellite and moon bounce contacts also counts. To apply, the application must list received QSL cards for QSOs, shown in prefix and suffix alphabetical order, and contain witnessing signatures from two radio amateurs from the applicant's country. In case the questions arise, the manager may request specific QSL cards.

The application must also include either 10 IRC's or 5.00 USD. For Latvian Radio Amateur League member applicants the certificate is free.

Applications must be mailed to the
Diploma "Latvija" Manager,
P.O.Box 164,
Riga LV-1010

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