Amateur radio contest expedition to

Gran Canaria, May 2005

CQ-WW-WPX-CW-2005 contest

call: EG8FAS


May 24 - 31, 2005

IOTA: AF-004, CQ-zone: 33, ITU-zone: 36



  1st place in the world M/2 category  

Expedition photos

Contest Results
(from "Radiolubitel" magazine)

From May 24 to 31, 2005 five HAMs - Girts (YL2KL), Arvis (YL2LY), Kaspars (YL1ZF), Oleg (YL3DW) and Vjacheslav (ES1AJ) were in Gran Canaria (Canary islands) to take part in CQ WW WPX 2005 CW contest "Multi Operator - 2 Transmitter" class.

The team kept previous year success (1st place in the world "Multi-Op 2 TX" class from Bonaire island, PJ4U).

During the contest EG8FAS call was used.

Band QSOs QSO Points Prefixes Score
160m 0 0 0  
80m 462 2742 130
40m 1388 8287 384
20m 1980 5920 287
15m 2169 6481 271
10m 879 2627 69
Total  6878 26057 1141 29 731 037

EG8FAS QSL manager is EA4FAS. All QSLs will be sent automatically via the bureau.

EG8FAS call was issued to celebrate 50th anniversary of Spain Military Aviation. There was one EG?FAS call in each area (EG1FAS, EG2FAS.... EG9FAS). The contest team accepted EA8ZS offer and used this special event call during the contest.

Before and after the contest the team was active on all HF bands using EA8/home_call (EA8/YL2KL, EA8/YL2LY, EA8/YL1ZF, EA8/YL3DW, EA8/ES1AJ).
QSLs via home calls.

EA8AH (OH1RY) QTH was used for this operation.
From this QTH OH2U team made world #1 claimed score in CQ WW 2004 SSB contest as EA8ZS in Multi/Multi class (pictures).

8 masts
4 beams (4 element) for 10m
4 beams (4 element) for 15m
4 beams (3 element) for 20m
2 beams (2 & 3 element) for 40m
2 elements and dipole for 80m
GP for 160m
2 beverages

Mark V

2 notebooks and GPRS Internet connection