30th Anniversary of The Baltic Way


This Memorial Award is announced by Eesti Raadioamatride hing (ERA), Latvijas Radio Amatieru Lga (LRAL) and Lietuvos Radijo Mgj Draugija (LRMD) to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of The Baltic Way a peaceful protest against the Molotov - Ribbentrop pact signed on 23rd of August 1939, dividing the independent countries of Eastern Europe in spheres of influence between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. On the same date in 1989 more than 2 million people across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined hands to form a 675 km long human chain - the Baltic Way, showing their fight for independence.

Award Rules and Activities:

  1. Three memorial special event stations (SES) ES30WAY, LY30WAY and YL30WAY will be activated August 19th, 2019, 0:00 local time (UTC+3) till August 25th, 2019, 23:59 local time (UTC+3) on all HF and VHF bands in the modes - CW, PHONE (SSB or FM), DIGI (all digital modes count as one mode for the award).
  2. An electronic award (downloadable pdf) is offered with the following rules:
  3. The award is also available to SWLs log the Baltic SES and their correspondent, time, date, band and mode. Each Baltic SES gives five points per band per mode. All three SES-s must be represented in the log. Applicants should collect 30 points the same way as shown upper. Applications for the SWL award and email for sending of pdf back should be sent to in any electronic text form.
  4. All QSOs with the SES-s will be uploaded also to ClubLog, eQSL and LoTW. For Paper QSL-s please submit Online QSL request (OQRS) in ClubLog until 31. December, 2019. Please dont send us paper QSL, if You have made OQRS.
  5. All Q&A to LY2BAW ().
  6. The Award manager - Simonas LY2EN

Good hunting!

ERAU, Kristjan Kass, ES7GM
LRAL, Andris Brunenieks, YL2FD
LRMD, Tadas Vysniauskas, LY2BAW

August, 2019

Below 30 years old photo: