800W 10kHz - 250 MHZ modul for sale.

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800W 10kHz - 250 MHZ modul for sale.

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Labas rytas,
Siūlau parduoti kelis stiprintuvo modulius.
Techniniai parametrai:
Output power in linear mode – about 800W (dependes of Frequency)
Power supply – 40-60V (I used typical P.S. from server)
Cooling system – water
Frequency Range – 10kHz to 250 MHz (from catalogue – in my opinion up to 450MHz with smaller power)
What should be added - bias circuit and filters…
Jūs perkate modulį, schemas ir techninę paramą. Klauskite kainos ir gabenimo el. Paštu.


Aš labai rekomenduoju ir sveikinu.
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