YL3JE: Introduction / Iepazīstināšana

Ar HAM radio nesaistītas tēmas
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YL3JE: Introduction / Iepazīstināšana

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Labvakar - good evening,

since half a year, I am active under the callsign YL3JE and some of you I have already met on the bands. Anyway, probably a proper introduction would be good as well and as I have just found this forum, it might be a good idea to do it now.

My name is Jürgen 'Yogi' Zick, I am an active German radioamateur since 1974, first as SWL, from 1976 with the callsign DD0FI, from 1978 under the present callsign DF5ZX. My profession is university professor, my present working and teaching fields are mechatronics, which includes general electronics, microprocessor systems and programming ("embedded systems"), industrial control and PLC-systems, robotics, software ergonomics and usability.

If in interest and matching to my time schedule, I would be happy to deliver some classes (in English) to Latvian hams or pupils ...

I am knowing Latvia since the year 2000 and due to my university job, I got involved with Latvian researchers in various research projects and academic teaching exchanges. Namely, I have been teaching some years ago at Ventspils University College, Riga Technical University and Riga Medical University, when I was still at Kassel University in Germany. I am teaching now at a small special University in Eisenach.

Latvian Radioamateurs, I first have meet in 2001 in a summer meeting of LRAL in Krimulda. Since then, I was operating as YL/df5zx/p and as I have got a permanent place for living in Latvia in Ramava close to Kekava, I opted for a real Latvian license, what was granted last year. From there, I am active mainly on HF bands, in the moment with wire antennas and about 100W transmitting power. From my shack, I can see Riga's TV tower, almost in full .
I am not a LRAL member at present, but willing to become one :idea:. I am member of the German amateur radio club DARC since 41 years ...

I picked up some Latvian language knowledge, probably enough for a simple QSO or simple talks :D ... Ir is enough to survive in the Latvian wilderness :lol:

73 visiem,
Jürgen 'YOGI'
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Re: YL3JE: Introduction / Iepazīstināšana

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Hello Jürgen!
Nice to see you here.

May be I am a bit too pessimistic, but despite being creator of this place I must admit that this forum seems, so to speak, not very inhabited after it experienced complete crash and loss of information & users some years ago on another hosting platform.
In case I am not wrong about the forum, or anyway - we have YL HAM e-mail mailing list, where there is a bit more "life" in it. But it is mostly in Latvian. Please feel free to join it if you wish. Info about the list is here: http://www.lral.lv/visi.htm (I hope your Latvian is in proper shape :) or Google Translate makes good enough translation) or just PM or email me for help.

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Re: YL3JE: Introduction / Iepazīstināšana

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Lieber Jürgen,

18-19 Juli 2015 Dundaga Bereich (Region Ventspils) ist geplant, das Sommertreffen der lettischen Funkamateure zu organisieren.
Leider andere Details nicht an anderer Stelle gefunden.
Ich möchte in diesem Camp teilzunehmen.
Vielleicht treffen wir uns?

73, Boris

Liepaja, Lettland
Lappeenranta, Finnland.
73, Boris
Since 1956.
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