Rīt, 8. 01. notiks New Year “Vytautas Magnus Trophy” contest

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Rīt, 8. 01. notiks New Year “Vytautas Magnus Trophy” contest

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Laimīgu Jauno gadu!
Maču noteikumi angļu valodā:

(Citās valodās var izlasīt: https://rk.vdu.lt/vmt-varzybu-nuostatai/ )

New Year “Vytautas Magnus Trophy” contest

Organizer: Vytautas Magnus University Radio Club – VDU RK

Preamble: Vytautas the Great (1350-1430), the Grand Duke of Lithuania, one of the most prominent rulers of Lithuania.

The purpose: to glorify the name of Vytautas Magnus, to increase the activity of the Club members, to promote HF and VHF ham radio.

Date and time: annually, the first Sunday after the New Year, at 0700- 0800 UTC.

The nearest contest date: 8 Jan 2023.

Bands: 80m and 2m. Frequencies :

CW: 3510 –3600 kHz, 144035-144135 kHz

SSB: 3600-3700 kHz, 144165-144360 kHz

FM: 145400-145550 kHz

Modes: CW, Phone (SSB, FM)

Participants: any licensed amateur radio station or SWL from Lithuania or other country.

Russian and Belorusian amateurs are not invited to participate. All qso with this countries will not count.


A- Single Op

B- Multi Op,


In the Single Op entry only one signal may be transmitted at any time.

Exchange: RS(T) + QSO serial number (starting with 001) + six character WW grid square locator (i.e. KO14XV). The serial numbering shall be continuous through all bands.

Points: 1 point for each QSO.

One QSO per each mode on each band is permitted with the same station.

A QSO will still be counted as valid where another station has not submitted a contest log, but has made at least two more QSOs with other stations, and these QSOs have been reported in their relevant logs.

Contacts via active repeaters are not permitted.

Multiplier: different WW grid square locators worked separately on each band.

Total score: Sum of QSO points on both bands multiplied by the sum of multipliers on both bands.

Short Wave Listeners (SWL):

SWL must log both call signs and one exchange. The same call sign can be logged again (repeatedly) after having logged at least three other stations.

Points, multipliers and the total score calculation is the same as for all participants.

Contest logs: sent within 10 days to:

For electronics logs: e-mail: vdurk@qrz.lt

Log shall contain a callsign and a name of participant, contest category, name of the Club entry, WW locator, number of QSOs, claimed score and a declaration that the entrant has operated strictly in accordance with the rules of the contest and within conditions of the license.

QSO log may look as follows:

Band Time Call Sent Received

80 0700 LY1XXX 599 001 599 001 KO14WW

2 0701 LY2XXX 59 002 59 003 KO14XW

Logs in electronic format are preferred.

The name of the log file must contain your CALL and file extension shall denote the data format (call.xxx). Accepted data formats (xxx) are: cbr- cabrillo, log – CGLOG, dat- n6tr, txt – plain ASCII text.


– Violation of amateur radio licensing regulations ;

– Violation of the contest rules.


– “Vytautas Magnus Trophy” will be awarded to the top scored Single Op, Multi team and a club winner.

– Certificate will be awarded to top three entrants in each category

– Certificate will be awarded to each participating country winner (in accordance with DXCC list). However it is obligatory to make at least 1 QSO with LY station.

– Certificate in electronic form may be obtained at address: http://qrz.lt/vdurk/VMT-awards/request-EN.htm

– There may be other special awards established by the donors.

Configuration files:


vmtrophy.udc unzip and upload to directory „UserDefinedContests”

vmt_call_history.txt upload to directory „CallHistoryFiles”

73! Janis, YL3AD
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