My 23cm EME story in brief

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The 23cm EME idea was born at the end of February 2013. March was spent searching the internet and reading, reading, reading... Real work started in April. All was done in a great hurry using all available
materials from the scrap heap beyond my garage to get the first QSO as quick as possible...

The 1st EME JT65 QSO with OK1KIR was made on 12th May 2013 with a 1,8 meter satellite TV dish. QSOs with UA3PTW, PY2BS, G4CCH and PA3FXB were added to the log before the Moon set on the same day.

I immediately decided to extend that dish and 10 days later I had a 3.2 meter mesh dish based on the 1.8 meter satellite TV dish.
Now things were much more effective! 15 QSOs JT65 and 3 QSOs CW (HB9Q, I1NDP, G3LTF) were logged during next 2 weeks. Best ODX VK4CDI - thanks Phil!

I soon "got hooked" on 23cm EME and decided to build an even larger dish...
Ten weeks hard of work during the autumn of 2013 produced a 6 meter mesh dish with dual feed for 23 cm and 70 cm bands.

EME signal MP3 sound files:

Still there's lots of things to improve...

I will be glad to QSO everybody via EME!
73! Gunar - YL2GD

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